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Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship
European Union, European Union (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Semester 1,
Semester 2
Fact Sheet:
Level of Study: Postgraduate, Undergraduate Program Type: Scholarship
Program Description:
  Hackett Hall
Winthrop Hall
The objective of the Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship is to financially assist students from a Qualifying European Union University studying at University of Western Australia on exchange or as a fee-paying study abroad student.  A Qualifying European Union University is a university in a country in the European Union which is party to an agreement or formal arrangement with University of Western Australia.

Tenure of Scholarships
The Scholarships will be offered for each semester of the academic year.
Successful applicants must complete the full term of the semester for which the Scholarship is awarded. In the event the successful applicant does not complete the full term of the semester for which the Scholarship is awarded (except in the case of extenuating circumstances) the University of Western Australia may request the successful applicant to repay either a whole or a part of the Scholarship as it thinks fit.
The University of Western Australia may terminate a scholarship at any time for unsatisfactory conduct, for breach of any condition of the Scholarship, or for failure to make satisfactory progress.
Commencing dates will be negotiated between selected individuals and the University of Western Australia.
Value of Scholarships
The Scholarship is valued at AUD$2000.  Successful applicants from a Qualifying European Union University will receive the Scholarship as soon as reasonably practicable after arriving in Perth, Western Australia. 
No additional payments or allowances will be awarded.  Students will therefore be personally responsible for all other expenses which include the following:
a.               Transportation to and from host institution
b.               Room and board expenses
c.                Medical Insurance
d.               Student Union fees, if applicable
e.               Textbooks, clothing and personal expenses
f.                Passport and visa costs
g.               All other debts and incidental expenses incurred during the course of the exchange programme.
The monetary value of the Scholarship will be reviewed when appropriate by the Western Australian Government.

Prerequisites for Application
Applicants must have applied for a Student Exchange or Study Abroad programme at The University of Western Australia and will not be considered for a Scholarship until after they are accepted in the programme.
Applicants will participate in the Scholarships in an individual capacity.
Students should have completed at least the first year of a full time course of study at a recognised tertiary institution.
Graduates and undergraduates wishing to undertake an exchange or study abroad program at the University of Western Australia must be a permanent resident or citizen of a country in the  European Union and enrolled in a course of study at a Qualifying European Union University.
Scholarships are open to both men and women and provide for equal opportunity.
Students from all faculties will be eligible to compete for the Scholarship.
Applicants must include all the necessary documentation as detailed in the application form and late applications will not be considered.
Awards will be made at the discretion of The University of Western Australia and there will be no right of appeal. The decision of made by The University of Western Australia will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
The University of Western Australia retains the discretionary power to make no awards in any year in which the Scholarship is offered if it is in the opinion that some or all of the applications are not of sufficient merit to justify awards being made.
Recipients of the Scholarship will adhere to the conditions of the Gerald Frank Brown Scholarship.
Recipients will abide by general rules and conditions of the student exchange or study abroad programme under with which the recipient is on at the University of Western Australia.
Successful applicants agree to attend any ceremony or function arranged by or at the request of the Director General for award of the Scholarship.  Applicants acknowledge that the manner of award of the Scholarship is at the discretion of the Director General.
Successful applicants may be asked to complete and return a questionnaire at completion of the Scholarship.

Criteria for Selection
The following will be used in selection of candidates for the award:
  • Academic record and language proficiency (which must meet the requirements of the student exchange or study abroad programme at the University of Western Australia
  • Statement of purpose
  • Other sources of support
Application Deadlines
Applications for semester 1 (February to June) open on 1 August and close on 31 December of the previous year.
Applications for semester 2 (July to November) open on 1 February and close on 30 June.

Students must complete the following documents:
  • Application
  • Academic Reference (under Material Submissions)
  • Declaration (under Declaration)

Please contact the UWA Global Learning Office if you have any questions at all.