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Returned Exchange Peers (REPs)

Semester 2 2020
The REPs (Returned Exchange Peers) program is run by the Global Learning Office. It is a chance for returned exchange students to help out and spread the word about exchange. Not only is it a great volunteering experience to include on your resume (the REPs Program is recognised on your supplementary transcript), it can help you re-adjust to life in Perth after your exchange. If you have any questions about the program, please feel free to contact
Talk to our REPs Wednesdays 11am-1pm in the Reid Library Lounge, Week 4 - Week 12.
Annie Waseda University Annie - REP Hi there, I'm Annie! I'm a 3rd year Psychology in Society/Marketing major here at UWA, and I studied at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan for a year from 2019-2020. I consider my study abroad experience to be one that really positively impacted my life in a lot of ways - I grew a lot personally, gained a lot of new international perspectives I wouldn’t have otherwise, made a close group of lifelong friends from around the world, and also picked up a language. As someone who studied and lived in Japan with initially a very loose grasp on the language and not much experience with the country, I'm really keen on sharing my experience and having a chat with people who are considering doing the same!
Antony University of British Columbia Antony - REP Hi there, I'm Antony! I went to the University of British Colombia in Vancouver, Canada, last semester (Semester 1 2020) and it was definitely the highlight of my university journey. No words can truly describe the experiences and the people I was fortunate enough to meet along the way. Initially, I was a little intimidated and nervous about studying abroad away from family and friends, but I put myself out there, took part in numerous orientation programs and within the first week of exchange I had met the most amazing people from all around the world. I was living with 3 other roommates who were from Austria, France and Sydney. All of us were on exchange and our eagerness to travel and explore immediately brought us closer together. In terms of university life, everything was not so different from Perth, with lectures and labs structured similarly. It was life outside university that made my exchange experience unique. Every week I would go on adventures around Vancouver, from road tripping to neighbouring towns, skiing in Canada’s exotic resorts and surfing in Tofino Surf Island to the unreal experience of ice skating in natural frozen ponds. My exchange experience was beyond perfect, with memories and friends that will forever be cherished.  
Josef Vrije University Josef Rep My name is Josef Dabrowski, I’m 21 years old and study Software Engineering at UWA. I went on exchange to Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam, Netherlands in semester 1 2020. I had an amazing time living in Amsterdam-Zuid (South), biking to uni and through Vondelpark regularly. The courses I took were exciting, including cutting edge computer science topics like Artificial Intelligence. I took a Dutch class every Thursday evening and fell in love with language learning. While my time overseas was short it was packed with memorable highlights, including an intimate concert on a houseboat, a day trip to the Belgian city of Bruges, being driven around Amsterdam on a friend’s moped, seeing Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings in the flesh, and a boat party organised by VU’s Erasmus Student Network (ESN). I made friends all around the world through my accommodation, ESN and the university. It was the privilege of a lifetime to embark on this journey and open my mind to the world.
Stella University of Bristol Stella - REP Hi there, I'm Stella! I’m a third-year pol sci student who went on exchange to the University of Bristol in my second semester last year (Semester 2 2019). As I finish up my undergrad this semester, all I wish is that I could have spent more time out there! My semester of exchange was the best time of my life; Bristol’s student culture alone cemented it as one of my favourite cities and gave me plenty to miss about exchange. But, so did the other places I visited! Some highlights of my semester were my travels out to the Netherlands and Belgium, in between English trips down south, up north and around London. And, thankfully, I had some pretty amazing friends to see it all with. Exchange was an amazing experience for me - and luckily timed, I know. I joined REPs this semester in the hope of encouraging other people to take the plunge and study abroad. I’ll always say that if you have the opportunity to go, take it!